Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa Visit

We had a visit from Santa tonight at our party.  All the kids were very excited.  Zach didn't want to get too close, but felt safer in his box!   Kevin quickly drew a picture for Santa and told him he wanted a marble maze for Christmas.  


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

oh my gosh how exciting that Santa visited your cookie exchange tonight. I bet the boy's were soooooooooo excited. However I love the picture of Zach in the box, quite a distance from Santa. How were you able to get Santa to visit with his busy schedule??? Sounds like a fun and memorable night. Love to all

Grami said...

Jeff and I both just looked at your blog today and laughed SO HARD at the pictures!! Those are priceless...our favorite is Zach in the box with Santa and Kevin with his drawing OF Santa. These are such precious times!!
Hugs to everybody!!

Grandma Dee said...

Who is that cute little guy in the blue box? I want one of those for Christmas, too. What a hoot! Looks like he started warming up to Santa after all. Kevin is such a good little artist. You are the best mom, Tasha! How fun to share these special memories with all of us.