Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blue Bird Day

It's beautiful here today.  These pictures are from last year, but it looks pretty much the same today.  Garrett has just been dropped off for another day on the slopes.  I did end up going out on Friday for a few hours, but it was starting to snow and going up the lifts with the freezing cold snow blasting against your face is not exactly my idea of fun.  I learned though, that I do like skiing on my own.  No pressure of how fast to go or which runs to go on.  I was imagining the snow as powdered sugar too to help take away the fear of falling that I have.  I might even venture to say that it was my best time out on skis!  I was going to go out for the second half of today, but I am now fighting a cold, with all my might, in hopes that it doesn't get any worse.
I have to tell you though that Mammoth in the winter has not always been my favorite place to be with the boys.  Now that they are getting older it is getting better!  The only reason it has not been my favorite is because typically the boys have a hard time sleeping here.  Whether it's the altitude or the cold, whatever it has been, it typically has resulted in sleepless nights and then me being tired throughout the day.  This is out first trip though where both boys are now older and sleeping well and able to play well together for most of the day.  Yesterday, since I was not feeling well, was a grumpy day for the boys and I.  I didn't want to go play in the snow and they were getting stir crazy from being cooped up all day.  But today I am feeling better and we are about ready to head outside for some fun.  Bob and Denise are on their way up and so tomorrow Garrett and I plan on skiing together (or maybe separate and meeting up for lunch).  We really wanted Kevin in ski school but he is refusing.  He's insistent that he will run into a tree.  I know he would have fun if he would just give it a try.
OK, gotta go get bundled up!

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Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Sounds like you have all had a great time in Mammoth. Sorry to hear that you were getting a cold. I do hope that you are feeling better and can hit the slopes today with Garrett. Also glad that you enjoyed your time skiing the other day. And I know what you mean about fears. However mine was not of falling it was the darn chair lifts. The higher it went off the ground the worse I felt. Bring back the T-bars (wow, am I ever aging myself on that one). Heard Bobby and Denise may take the boys skating today. I can't wait to see how the new rink looks. I love to skate. Have a great day and Happy 2008, almost. Love you all