Thursday, September 20, 2007

5:00 AM....Really?

The past few mornings Zach has been changing his morning routine and coming into our room at 5 instead of 6:30...... which is much to early, but being coupled with the fact that he has also woken up in the middle of the night crying because he went pee in his bed has left me feeling a bit tired during the day.  But this morning as he came into our room at 5 AGAIN, I let him crawl over me and he fell back asleep and I was then wide awake.  Seeing as I went to sleep around 9 last night though I felt I got enough sleep for one night and I would just start my day.....I am taking Dodger out for a walk in about 10 minutes anyway (It's 5:50 now!)

Anyway, yesterday we had a fun Tiger Cub activity planned.  Unfortunately our plans were not the best made plans seeing as only two of the Tiger Cubs were there, out of a total of 7 AND the museum we planned on going to was closed!  But we actually still did have fun.  The kids didn't care because we could have taken a walk down to the end of our street and the could find something interesting along the way!  And it was a nice little uphill walk to get to the top where the museum was, so they got some exercise and so did I!  We were at Hart Park, which is just down the street from us, and it is the site of the home where William S. Hart, who was a big movie star in the day of silent Westerns.  We did end up finding one area that was open that showed some of the old tools and things that were used.  My favorite was an old curling iron, that looked, as Kevin described it, like a fire poker that you use in the fire place but not quite as big.  So enjoy the pictures, I gotta take my walk!

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