Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Pirates of the Scaribean"

Last week Kevin, Zach, and I went over to the cubmaster's house to help decorate a scarecrow that Kevin's cubscout pack was going to enter in a contest at the pumpkin patch.  Kevin was all excited because of the theme, "Pirates of the Scaribean".  Garrett and I have let the boys watch portions of the first Pirates movie, fastforwarding through the scary parts.  Plus they love the ride at Disneyland, so they were all into seeing how this scarecrow would turn out.  There wasn't a whole lot to do at the time we went so we helped a little and then when we were told that we could leave Kevin was all upset because he didn't get to see the finished project.  So we left and came back a few hours later.....still not finished, but we got to actually stuff one of the scarecrows this time.  We left again with the promise that we could see the final product the following weekend at the pumpkin patch.  So, today we got to see the finished scarecrow and it just made Kevin's day.  He even chose to go to the pumpkin patch instead of Disneyland (as Garrett and Zach went anyway).  I am telling you he likes to see things out to completion!
Helping to paint the boat

A headless Captain Jack Sparrow

The finished product!

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