Sunday, September 16, 2007

Morning Routine

Pat, pat, pat.... Every morning around 6:30 I hear little footsteps come into our room.  Then I feel this 40 something pounds of all boy crawling over me to get into the middle of our bed.  This is Zach's morning routine.  He is typically very good when he gets into bed, laying their quietly and sometimes, like this morning, he falls back asleep.  I, on the other hand, typically cannot fall back asleep, so I get up and make my way to the computer!  I also have to mention the picture I just took of Kevin, because this is Kevin's nightly routine.  About half of the time Kevin sleeps on the floor.  We put him into bed, he lays there for a few minutes, then he pulls his covers down near the doorway and lays there and will usually fall asleep and stay there for the rest of the night.  He also insists on having the fan blowing on him while he sleeps, even when it's the middle of winter!

As for the rest of our day yesterday, we did go to the kid's carnival and the boys had fun.  Except for the fact that by the time we left our house to go it was past lunch time and I had neglected to actually feed the boys lunch.  They were too excited to just go to the carnival and insisted they weren't we ended up with a tired, hungry Zachary who was whining unless we were doing something fun to take his mind off of it.  I know, I know, why didn't we just take him back home and feed him?  I knew if we did that I would not want to go back afterwards but the kids we just stuck it out as long as possible.  In the end, they both had a lot of fun, I think!

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Anonymous said...

So cute of the little guy tucked in your bed! Landon is so little...but I could see us doing that as he gets bigger. How can you resist?