Wednesday, September 26, 2007

busy, fun days

I love when we have a full day.  Yesterday, Zach and I spent the morning at a few different places, including Target (my favorite place), the mall (just for the play area), and the park (with the MOMS club).  Zach's time at the park is usually spent sitting next to me half of the time, while eating, or wanting me to follow him around.  It doesn't leave much time for socializing with the other moms!  Then after the park we picked up Kevin and he had a doctor's appointment.  Just his 6 year checkup.  Poor guys hates shots and he had to get one shot, plus a finger prick.  He screeeeeeeamed so loud I am sure the whole place heard him.  But he recovered rather quickly which I was thankful for.  And to top all that off, we had AWANA last night, which went much smoother than last week.  

 Happy Wednesday!

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