Monday, September 24, 2007

Broil, Boil, and Bake

Anyone ever made homemade bagels before?  That's exactly what we did yesterday afternoon.  After our trip to Panera Bread the other morning I told the boys we could try and make our own sometime.  So we bought some yeast on the way home from church and we went for it yesterday.  I never knew it would take so long.  I guess I didn't read the whole directions to begin with, but there are several different steps along the way, including broiling first, then boiling, and finally baking.   I'll spare you the whole run down, but let me just say we started at around 4:30 and they weren't ready until 6:30.  BUT the boys enjoyed them, they asked for seconds and will probably have them for breakfast tomorrow too.  I even had a little one because what good is life if you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

Kevin couldn't wait to get started.

Zach working hard to make the perfect bagel.

Baking in our new oven! You had to have seen the old one to really
 appreciate the new.

MMMM, Delicious.

Can I have another one pleeeeease!

And, by the way, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  I got a whole box filled with toys to put out of sight. (Notice I didn't say thrown away because I just can't bring myself to that yet).  I even went into Kevin's room and got some out of there.  Guess where most of those darn toys are from.....of course, McDonalds, and we don't even go there very often!


Mom said...

I made bagels only once many years ago, and with Sonoma Bagels within a short driving distance, that was the last time I made them. Yours look great and the boys had a good time making them. That project was a winner!

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Wow................the bagels look great. I have never made them do kuddo's to you. Love reading you daily blogs. Congrats. on the 6 pds. Could you e mail the diet, sounds great. Love to all