Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go Dodgers

I wouldn't call myself a baseball fan.  I am not a fan of watching any sport on t.v. really.  It would seem after 10 years of being married to one of the biggest Dodger fans on the planet that I would want to at least watch some with him, right.    Well,  I do like going to baseball games occasionally.  Last night we all went to the 2nd to last Dodger game of the year.  We had really great seats which is always a plus!  It was fun for a while, until the boys got restless....when was that, the bottom of the first inning?  They managed to tough it out all the way until the top of the 7th, with the incentive of getting the magical COTTON CANDY halfway through.  AND we got to see some celebrities.  Garrett was of course hoping to see Alyssa Milano as he has before, but since she wasn't there we would have to do with Emeril Lagasse.  I was excited of course because the Food Network is one of my favorite channels to watch!  Garrett also saw one of his all time favorite Dodger players, Steve Garvey.  The only part I could have done without was listening to the guys behind us who didn't know how to have a normal conversation without at least one swear word per sentence.  Luckily I don't think the boys were listening.  Overall I do enjoy going to a game,  once a year!  

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