Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shy or Strong Willed

When I picked up Zach from school yesterday I asked his teacher if he is talking to her at all yet.  She answered, "no, NOT AT ALL".  This is his third week at school and he's still not talking?  At home he is a chatter box and as long as Kevin is around too he is quite a ham.  But in new situations it take a while to warm up.  Like in swimming lessons he spent the whole first week sitting on the edge refusing to do anything that the instructor asked of him.  And, like in his music class he took for a year and a half he refused to participate in the activities, when asked if he wanted to strum the guitar when the teacher came around he would turn the other way.  So I'm wondering if he's shy or more that he's strong willed....I know enough about being both and I think when Zach decides he's going to be a certain way then he's determined to stick to his decision.  He will eventually start talking, but it will definitely be when he decides the time is right!

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