Friday, September 14, 2007

Visits with family

We had a visit from Aunt Susan and Namie yesterday, who are Garrett's aunt and grandma.  The boys love it when we get visitors and they also get all wound up and run around like crazy when anyone comes over!  Susan and Namie are great, they have been coming up to visit about once a month since Kevin was born, and they live close to 2 hours away.  Namie is the all time trooper, because she is 87 and still goes along with any adventure.  So here are some pics from the visit.  Sorry, no pictures of Susan because she was the one with the camera.  (By the way, I am awful at remembering to take pictures, so maybe posting them here with help me remember).

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Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Life of the Riley's. How great that you have started this blog Tasha. And how special to be included in your first posting. We always have such a fun time when we visit with Kevie and Zachie. And yes, I agree Namie is amazing. They broke the mold when Namie was born and I am so grateful that she and all of us are so blessed to have Kevie and Zachie in our live.........not to mention you and Gar too. We look forward to seeing more fun time's in the Riley household. Love you all