Friday, February 1, 2008

"Backpack, Backpack"

Today Kevin had a sick day.  He woke up around 5:45 yelling for me saying his head hurt really bad.  He had a fever, so I gave him tylenol and he came downstairs with me and we turned on the t.v.  As soon as the medicine started working he was feeling better, but we still kept him home from school.  Garrett actually stayed home with him because Fridays are one of my two days of work.  I don't work, I don't get it was better for Garrett to stay home.  Anyway, Garrett kept up with the medicine all day and Kevin felt pretty good all day.  So when I got home I decided to test to see if he was still sick and I didn't give him more tylenol when it was time.  
Well, he's still sick.  His fever came back and his whining started up again.  So when it was time for bed he said he didn't want stories (like we usually do every night).  He wanted to watch a movie.  Remember I said I brought him downstairs and turned on the t.v. so early this morning?  He'd been watching it pretty much all day since then and now he wanted a movie.  But I didn't want to pick a battle with a sick kid, so I agree and told him he could watch it in mommy and daddy's room while I was on the treadmill, which is also in our room.  Out of all the great kid's movies we have, he picks "Dora's First Trip", which isn't even a movie, but just a bunch of the shows on one disc.  So he falls asleep after the first show, I am on the treadmill, not wanting to stop to switch the t.v., so I end up watching the rest of Dora during my hour run.  The sad part is, I was actually answering the questions that backpack was asking...... not out loud, of course, but I was really following along with the show.  That is the happening life of this 30 something mother!  


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

I am so sorry to hear that Kevin was still not feeling well. I hope this new day finds Kevin feeling well AND that no one else in the Riley family comes down with it. I ran into a client of ours the other day and she was telling me something very interesting. They have a 4 yr. old and a 2 yr. old who were sick alot during the year..............colds and flu. Someone mentioned a product called Juice Plus. I took it for quite awhile about 10 years ago. Anyway she has been having her kids take it for the past year. She said that have not been sick once!! You can only buy it through a rep but thought I would pass it on.

Have a great weekend. Good luck with the Super Bowl 10k tomorrow in Redondo. Should be alot of fun. Dennis was mentioning that he thinks that he and Bobby ran the first one they had which was a million years ago!! Boy does time fly. Love to all

Sandy said...

Hopefully, Kevin is feeling better today. Poor guy, it's no fun being sick.
Good luck tomoorow. We'll be thinking of you. I know you will do well.
Love to all and I hope Zach doesn't get sick.