Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"It's Spring Time and I'm as Happy as a Little Girl"

I know it's not actually spring yet, but it feels like it here.  I love it!  I would not do well in a place where it is cold and rainy all the time.  I need the warmth and I need the sun!
Just a quick note, before I go for a walk with Zachary.  

Yesterday Kevin and I went out to get Valentine's for his classmates.  He wanted to get two boxes.  A girly box for the girls and another for the boys.  I told him that most kids give out whatever valentines they choose and it doesn't matter if they are for boys or girls.  His response, "Well, I'm not like most kids."  I love that he realizes this and is proud of it!
I also had to share Kev's portrait of his brother.  He had Zach stand still and everything so he could get it just right.  It's better than I could do, that's for sure!


Paula said...

I thought that was really thoughtful of Kevin to think of what the girls or boys would like! I also liked his wanting to be his own person..none of this following the crowd bit for him! :)
I got a big kick out of his portrait of his brother.:) A definite keeper for sure. I really think he has talent.
Did you see the pics of the new baby? Is Luke a second cousin of Kevin and Zach??
Lots of love...

Grandma Dee said...

Kevin IS one of a kind and not like any other kid. I love that about him and the confidence he has to say it. Mom and Dad are doing such a great job with both of the boys.
How sweet that Kevin is sensitive enough to know that boys and girls like different things. No huggy, frilly stuff for the boys. He and Zach will be real charmers for the girls (but not anytime too soon, I hope, TEE HEE). His care in choosing the right Valentines is great and reminds me of when I was little and no one liked Pat Beckman in our 3rd grade class. They said he had "cooties." I remember that my mom told me that if I was going to give a Valentine to one, I had to give one to everyone. When I went into school, Pat's was the first one I put in (partly because I sat behind him). At the conclusion of the exchange, Pat opened his box and mine was the only one. I remember that I got tears in my eyes and felt really proud that I gave him one. I have never forgotten that lesson and I remember it every Valentine's Day. Happy Valentines Day to all of you! And I hope that today Pat Beckman is successful, loved and remembers to give his wife a Valentine!

GEKALOLI said...

I am so very jealous of your spring-like weather. We're in the midst of another storm in this neck of the woods. But the kids are happily creating their valentines as well. Thank goodness for holidays! And again another beautiful drawing by Kevin. He is quite the artist!

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

I love the story of Kevin wanting to pick out the Valentines for boy's and girl's............separate ones that is. I hope he had a fun time at school with all the Valentine fun thing's that I am sure that they did. I bet Zachary had a fun time at pre-school for Valentines too. I hope they received the ones we sent to them.

Love the portrait of Zachie that Kevin drew. He is truly amazing with his art. Love to all