Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I love a clean car, especially my own clean car.  Unfortunately it isn't clean very often.  But Zach and I took on the project yesterday of cleaning it both inside and out.  There was stuff sitting around in the back of the van since Christmas!  So finally I just got too tired of the mess.  It was such a nice day out too.  We spent as much time as possible outside.  I think all that sunshine must have worn Zach out though because he fell asleep on my lap around 4:30 and he stayed asleep until this morning, with the exception of his usual couple of night time wakes.  He was wide awake this morning though around 6, so I've got a little bit of an early start on the day.

While we were out I thought I would capture a few other signs of Spring..... First being my freshly painted toe nails and the fact that I got my flip flops out of the closet!

And these flowers that have popped up in our dirt patches we have up front.  Nothing else is growing in these squares that we have, but these tiny flowers just popped up on their own.

Maybe we will get some more Spring cleaning done this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Mom says:
Oh, how I wish I could have just pulled my car in behind yours for a good cleaning too! Looks like you and Zach have a lot more fun than I do washing the car! What a cutie he is.... you too, Tasha.
Loving the nice weather too.
Hugs to all,


Oh my gosh this is the cutest video and pics of you and Zachie washing the car!! The video is priceless and Zach in a bucket is soooooooooooo cute. I can't wait to see this 20 years from now. Thanks for sharing these Kodak moments. Love you all, Susan

Anonymous said...

The Video is Awesome!!!

Love Garrett

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Landon Taylor Sanchez said...

Zach is so cute! What a great helper!