Monday, February 18, 2008

Wii Are Family

We got a new addition to the Riley family this weekend.  Garrett finally found the Nintendo Wii that he's been wanting since he played it with our nephew Cody last Christmas.  He found it at Costco of all places and said he was in shock, like he couldn't believe he had at last found the Holy Grail.  So he and the boys had fun with it on Saturday night while I went to a baby shower.  Then Kevin and Zach were so excited to show Susan and Namie when they came up on Sunday.  Garrett and I got to go out for a little while since Susan and Namie had come up and after our hike Gar says, "Let's go back and play the Wii".  I made him hold off a little while longer......we rarely get time to ourselves, so I figured he could wait to play his game.  I have to admit, it is fun and you do get a tiny bit of exercise along with least you are up and moving around.  Garrett and I had a tennis match last night and I lost every single game.  I'm still learning.  As Garrett says, I need to get my skill level up.  Not my biggest goal in life, but a little entertainment for the whole family.

Here's a picture of my very own, "mii".  The boys helped decide what I look like.
Kevin and Zach like playing the baseball game.

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Grandma Dee said...

Oh, my gosh. I cannot believe you got that. I told Grandpa that I would like to get one. I think they look so neat. Supposedly, you do get a little exercise with them. I cannot wait to see the little guys play baseball. When you buy it, does it come with multiple games or do you have to buy the additional games as extras? Would love to come up there and be with the boys on Wednesday in time to pick Zach up from pre-school by 11 and Kevin after his school. Let me know if that would work for you. I miss them sooooo much!
Grandma Dee