Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Schedule

I am determined to start a new schedule for my running.  I have been waiting until evening and then feel really tired to do anything except lay in my bed.  So my new idea is to get up at 6:00, go for my run, and be done by 7 in order to get the boys fed and Kevin off to school.  I did it yesterday, but didn't leave until 6:15 and was back at 7:20.  There was no school yesterday so I wasn't worried about getting back.  Garrett said that Zach was yelling for me around 6:45.  But this morning  I left the house at 6:05 and was back at 6:45 and guess who was sitting in his bed yelling for me again...... maybe he'll get used to the new schedule too.  I am planning on doing this Mon., Tues., and Thurs. so on  the days that I work I will either take the day off or run on the treadmill in the evening.  I love starting the day off like this because it gives me energy in the morning.  The only problem is around 3:00 I am very ready for a nap and can't always have one.  I know, poor me!  
When Garrett and I were first married and living in Chico Dodger was just a puppy and I would run with her every morning.  At that time I would run rain or shine and in the freezing cold on some mornings.  I used to see the same people every morning and it got to be a nice routine.  When we moved to Ventura I would run with her along a path that went right along the beach.  I loved it there.  Garrett always reminds me of my summer of 2000, when my sole responsibility was training Dodger.  I was working for the school district at the time and of course the plus of that was summers off.  So I would go to the gym in the morning, then come back and run with Dodger and then do some training with her at the park.  I had the rest of the day to sit on the beach and do nothing....... Ahhhh, those were the days.  Of course the whole purpose of me getting in good shape that summer was that I was hoping to get pregnant so I wanted to get in the best shape before getting so out of shape.  My plan worked because that September, when school started again, I was pregnant with Kevin.  And the rest is history.....I have been trying to get back into shape ever since that wonderful summer. Enough ramblings for one morning.  I gotta get the boys some breakfast. 


Mom said...

Boy, I hear you loud and clear. Leaving my walk until evening almost guarantees that it doesn't get done! I also decided this AM to do it early in the morning.When I was working, I would always do my walk before work - I didn't even think twice about it. I really like that time of day, and you're absolutely right about meeting the same people everyday. Lucky for me there's no little guy yelling for me while I'm gone. Dad and Grandma are still snoring away!

Happy mornings to you, Mom

Grandma Dee said...

Walking in the mornings is such a good time to go. I feel that when I get out there really early, I am getting a jump on the world. Sometimes, (but rarely) I will wake up at 4 or 5 a.m. and walk around our gated complex here. It is so quiet and peaceful and a good time to gather my thoughts and think. Wish I had the energy to do that all the time. I was always an afternoon work-outer when I ran. I always have more energy at the end of the day than I do in the morning. At work, I always was able to really crank out the work around 2-3 pm and on. For me, having a job that started at 2p and went until 10p would be the best. Guess that is why I worked those hours later in my career. Less phone interruptions and more time to focus for me.
Hang in there with your workouts. Such discipline.
GMa Dee