Monday, February 25, 2008

Checking In

This is going to be my Monday morning check in spot.  I am trying to keep accountable to myself with my running so from now on I will be posting the miles that I run each week.  Want to play along?  Post in the comments how many miles you've walked/jogged/ran each week and we'll see if together we increase our miles.....or our speed.....or just feel good about getting out there at all.

So here's my miles from this past week:
Monday - 5.2
Tues. - 2.9
Wed. - 0
Thurs. - 5
Friday - 0
Saturday - 10
Sunday - 0
Total for the week: 23.1

I am hoping to increase my weekly mileage to around 30 miles....and not have so many zero miles days.  Let me know how you are doing.


GEKALOLI said...

once the snow melts i will absolutely join in. i miss walking krypto in the mornings. however i'm not a fan of black ice and fast cars on back roads. you have inspired me though. perhaps i'll log in my yoga time. of course i'll have to start that up again too. winter surely makes me lazy. does cleaning the house count?

GEKALOLI said...

oh! and kuddos to you for running 30 miles in one week!

Jen said...

Seriously.......the thought alone of TEN miles makes me vomit!!!
BUT, good for you! You are much more a woman tha runs then I!!! ;o)

Grandma Dee said...

Tasha, You are doing so great. You rock! How do you come up with all these great ideas for what to blog about? I love hearing about you and the boys and seeing the pix.
Oh, my gosh. I am having so much fun reading other comments like Karen and Jen's too. Karen, don't even think about going out on the icy roads, especially if there are fast cars. Yoga is a nice safe endeavor. Everyone be safe out there!
Let's see, I did the following:
Sunday 2/17 Walk 3 miles
Monday 2/18 Yoga 1.75 hours
Tuesday 2/19 Walked/gave tour 1.5 hrs at Zoo
Wed Walk 2 m., Thurs. Walk 2m,
Sat. Walk 2m, Sun Walk 2m
Monday 2/25 Swam 1/2 mile
This is a great idea for all of us to hold ourselves accountable for our workouts. Maybe next we can tackle eating healthy meals.
By the way, I went to "Sprinkles" for the first time last week after a doctor's appt. It is a verrrrry popular cupcake bakery store in Beverly Hills. All they sell is cupcakes and the line out the door is sometimes 60 people long. Yep, doesn't matter the time of day, or if it's raining. It is packed. Their best seller is Red Velvet cupcakes. I went in there and had 2 of those, then a coconut vanilla one and a chocolate black out one. Yes, that makes four in one day. Like I say, healthy eating is in my future.
Grandma Dee



I try and walk 4 miles in the Marina every day. It is flat, which I love and I can get a good power walk in. So I would say that I have been pretty consistent with the 7 days a week/4 miles a day. However as of late I haven't been doing it as much but hope to start up again, maybe today. Dennis walks the hills here every day (except if it is raining). He loves the hills and I would say it is a strenous 3 miles walk. That's what happens here in San Clemente. Keep up the great work outs. Love you all,Susan