Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brotherly Love

I have a brother, who is three years older than I.  While I am sure we had our share of fighting over the years, I don't remember it being constant fighting.  When we found out we were having another boy the second time around, Garrett warned me that, "Brothers fight.  It's just the way it is."  Garrett tells stories that make me cringe.  Like the time he broke his hand by hitting it over his brother's head.  So now when I look at Kevin and Zach I love it when I see them playing much more than when I see them fighting.  I know that it is a normal part of growing up with siblings, but I would much rather hear the sounds of laughing and playing than fighting and crying.


Anonymous said...

Yes, fighting is certainly not as fun as playing together, especially for the parents! But, even after the fighting, they still love each other so much. They sure seem like best friends! And, if best friends spent as much time together as brothers do, they would probably fight more. Joanie and I sure had our share of fights, albeit it verbal and not physical, being that we were girls. However, my niece and nephew were always fighting with each other as they were 3 years apart. One time they were chasing each other around the outside of the house and the gate on the spring slammed back and hit my niece's hand and broke a couple of fingers. Man, even though he didn't do it, my nephew was in big trouble. Just part of growing up. You are so blessed to have two such sweet guys who are sensitive and caring, as well as "real boys."
Love you all,
Grandma Dee


Kevie and Zach are adorable whether fighting, playing or just being themselves. I know it must get exhausting when they fight and trying to be the mediator in trying to get them to stop. Hang in there as I am sure it will get better. It happens in all families I am sure. Love you all, Susan

GEKALOLI said...

oh yes, i remember the many fights between my brothers and i. a couple black eyes from sam. and losts of wrestling, hair pulling, kicking. but we're all the best of friends now. i'd assume the physical fighting is due to the inability for children to express their emotions as clearly as adults. i try to work with my little ones on using their words and not their hands. but go figure linnea is usually the aggressive one. stil, like you i prefer when they laugh and show their love toward one another.

Jen said...

I concur!