Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blue and Gold

The cub scouts had their annual Blue and Gold dinner last night.  It is mostly a party for the boys who are moving on into Boy Scouts, but the Tiger Cubs got their official Tiger Cub patch too.  They also brought in a company that trains wild animals and showed the boys a variety of strange looking animals.  

On Friday Kevin, Zach, and Theo (a boy from cub scouts) worked on the centerpiece the Tiger Cubs table for the dinner.  It turned out really cool, but now we know that next year we will need a couple different centerpieces because it looked tiny sitting on the long tables they had set up.  

Den 5
One of Kevin's favorite parts: a chocolate lollipop shaped in the cub scout emblem



What a fun night. And I loved the table decorations..............great job Kevie and Zach!! Now our Kevin will move on to Boy Scouts, right?? And then Zach to Tiger Cubs in a year or so. Wonderful times, enjoy. Love to all

Grandma Dee said...

Wow, I recognize those animals. I remember when you painted them. The table decorations looked great. You know how much I love animals, especially the WILD ones. In a week or two I am going to be trained to teach boy scouts about wild animals at the zoo and afterwards they will earn a patch. I can't wait until you and your pack are old enough to come. Hmmm, though, it looks like the tiger is eating the zebra. Is that true? Icky! You are so creative and such an artist. I love you and Zach a whole bunch.
Grandma Dee