Thursday, February 7, 2008

That's Entertainment

I been so busy complaining about the boys being sick I have forgotten to focus on the good things!  
The first thing I wanted to share was this picture of Zach's favorite toy.  Can you see it there?  Yes, it's a shoelace, or I think he calls it his string.  It actually came with as a lacing toy, where you put the object though the string to make a necklace or whatever.  It has since become his favorite thing to bring with him.  He imagines it's all sorts or things.  He takes it in the pool and practiced going underwater to get it.  Who would have imagined that such a small item could provide such entertainment!
Next we have some pictures of different things we've been doing lately.  On Tues. the boys were still home from school but feeling better and Kevin begged me to do his Disney scrapbook that Grami got for him and Zach.  So we got them both out and I let them have at it.  I finally got pictures printed out from our many Disneyland trip just for this occasion.  I was helping Zach, but Kevin was able to do his all on his own!
These next ones are from last week when Zach and I were having a lazy day at home.  We built a house out of our bricks and played with Revin' Evan from Jay Jay the Jet Plane.  These toys used to be Kevin's favorite.  He would bring them everywhere and line them all up to tell everyone their names.  Zach hasn't gotten into the show but likes to play with the toys now.  

And lastly I had to include this picture that Kevin made for Zach.  They had been fighting and Zach was crying so much that he just said he wanted to sleep.  So while he was sleeping Kevin made this picture for him and put it under his pillow.  So sweet! 

Kevin and Zach both went back to school yesterday and I went off to work.  Zach still has the sniffles and cough, but we are on our way to being all better!


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Glad that you are all feeling better. Garrett said that you were not feeling that great. I hope all the sickness passes for you all and you can enjoy a nice weekend. Love all the pics of the boy's and their fun activities. And how cute that Kevin made the pic for Zach and put it under his pillow. Precious memories. Love you all

Paula said...

I'm excited to see the Disney scrapbooks when they are all finished! I'm so glad that everyone is on their way to good health now and you can get back in your routine. I loved the pictures...especially the one from THE ARTIST Kevin. Tell him that it was so nice of him to give it to Zach when he wasn't feeling good. Hugs to all! xo

Grandma Dee said...

I loved the part about Zach playing with "the string." He has such a great imagination and loves to hear made up stories. He is just developing the most adorable personality. And Kevin is quite talented at his art. The picture was so wonderful that he drew for Zach. You two have encouraged both boys to be such a support and best friend for each other. I can't wait to see their friendship grow as they age. But no rushing it. They are precious, loving and sensitive little guys who never fail to get a laugh from me. Glad to hear you are feeling better. YOu are such a loving and devoted mom.
Grandma Dee

GEKALOLI said...

i love the creativity that come with the simplest toys! Linnea carries around marbles. And what a wonderful drawing by Kevin!