Monday, February 11, 2008

My Gym Party

The boys had an early Valentine's party last Friday at My Gym.  Kevin used to take classes here but it's been a while.  I would love it if they had a class for both boys together but with there age difference it's hard to find anything that they could both do together.  Anyway, all the kids had a lot of fun!


Mom said...

I thought you must be sick or away from home, 'cause I looked and looked for your new blogs, and couldn't find any!

Glad to hear you're on the mend. The flu that's been going around is an Australian strain that wasn't in this years vaccine. CDC says the vaccine does still offer some cross-over protection though.

The boys sure look like they're having a great time, even if you were'nt feeling 100%. And Zach's haircut looks sooooo good.

Take care of yourself.
Love, Mom

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

So glad that you are feeling better. No fun being sick. I hope you were able to get alot of rest.

Loved the pics of the boy's at My Gym..................looks like alot of fun. AND Zachies haircut is adorable. I loved what he said about not wanting to stay 3. Wants to ride the fastest ride in the world!! Looks like Kevie got a haircut too.

Heard they had a fun time bowling with Grandpa. Love you all

Paula said...

What a fun place to have a B-day party! A place where little boys can let off steam and burn alot of calories! I love the pictures of Zach at this site and the next day, too...he has the cutest and most precious smile.
Sending the little guys a HUGE hug from Grami! xoxxo