Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yesterday we had a garage sale for the MOMS club.  Every year we try and raise money for a local charity that helps other children.  So this year we chose the Single Mother's Outreach.  This means that whatever money we raise will go to help support this organization.  The past few years we've had garage sales and they have turned out pretty well.  Everyone brings their things they want to sell and we have a pretty big turnout.  This year I offered to have it at our house.  
Well this year we are having trouble getting our members to stay involved.  Our club is shrinking quickly but I still had high hopes for the sale.  I mean, I thought everyone would want to get rid of their junk, right?  I know I did.  But we only had a few people bring things over and it was mostly clothes from their little ones, which don't always sell well.  I on the other had several bigger things I was really wanting to sell so I encouraged everyone to bring their stuff and we would go on with the sale.
Friday night around 9 it started raining so I thought for sure that we would have to cancel.  The boys and I thought we would get a head start so we had even hung some signs around the night before so I wasn't thrilled that it was raining on our signs either.  I woke up Saturday morning around 5:30 and it wasn't raining, the ground was semi-dry so I decided to forge on ahead.  I drove around and hung up some more signs.  I set up all of the stuff in our driveway and around 6:45 we had our first customers.  Another mom came to join me around 7:00 and together we manage to sell some of the stuff.  I actually did pretty well getting rid of my stuff, the changing table, the rocking chair, a dresser.  The boys are getting so big I was ready to get rid of everything babyish.
We closed up shop though around 10:30 because we just had little stuff left, mostly those clothes that were in a big mess of a pile by now.  We only made around $120, so it's not much to give to our charity, but I guess it's better than nothing.  It didn't help that we were practically giving things away.  It also didn't help that I think some people got away with some of the bigger items without paying.  I was half awake and couldn't remember if this lady paid me or not.  She said she did, so who was I to argue over stuff I really didn't want to keep anyway!  I know, I am not great at sales.
But I do still have the rest of the stuff now sitting in the garage.  Now we just have to get it over to Goodwill or something.  We also have this, which I brought out halfway through the sale just hoping someone would take it.......

Can you believe no one wanted it!!!  It was left here by the previous owners, along with some other stuff they so thoughtfully left for us to enjoy.  So I am officially ready to make the call to have all this junk taken away from our house.

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Grami said...

Tasha, I love the heart behind the action. Even though the garage sale didn't turn out as well as you have a tender heart for others and showed the boys what giving to others is all about. Be encouraged! xo