Saturday, October 6, 2007


The boys are definitely "mama's boys".  So much to the point of being almost ridiculous.  At night Garrett and I take turns singing  with each of the boys.  Now, when it is Garrett's night to sing with  one of the boys they start a boycott and say they don't want songs, especially Kevin.  Zach has also occasionally boycotted eating when mama isn't there to eat with him.  Since this is the case it gets to be a little draining on me.  I don't give in and just do it all, but I do end up listening to them crying and and think...."if I just go sing him a song then I don't have to listen to the crying".  But then the cycle would never end, right?  So I am trying my best to instill in the boys more independence.  I am trying to let them figure things out on their own and not come running every time I hear, "MOMMY!!!"  Needless to say I was thrilled this morning when I made Zach pancakes and I come over to the table ready to cut them up so he can start eating and he had managed to do his own cutting/mangling/tearing up of the pancakes.  He was proud of himself and I was overjoyed.  A little step, but a big smile in return!

I just try to remind myself that one day these boys are going to be grown men. I want them to be successful, independent, loving men who don't need their mom to tell them what to do next. For now, they are still just boys....


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

I am sure that is must be natural for kids to gravitate towards their Moms as Moms are usually home more during the day and do more thing's with and for the kids, right??? I bet Garrett must feel badly. Hopefully he understands that this is a phase that they are probably going through. Hang in there. You are both the BEST parent's and love conquers all. Love you all and love the daily news!!

P.S. 2 day's and counting to Garretts B-day.

Kelly said...

I think that's why we have them until they are 18!! We are letting go a bit at a time!!