Thursday, October 18, 2007

Swimmin' in October

We love having a pool and spend almost every day in it in the summer.  We don't heat it though, so as soon as the weather changes to a little cooler (like 85 instead of 105) we stop using it because the water quickly becomes too cold to be least for me.  Zach has been asking me almost daily, "When can we go swimming?", since the beginning of September I think.  I always respond, "The pools too cold now.  We'll go in again next summer."  He just doesn't give up though, so this past Sunday he was asking me again and I gave in and told him and Kevin that they could go in, but I would just be watching.  So in they went, they didn't even take time to get their trunks on!  I put my toe in and that was enough to tell me, "No way I'm going in, it's freezing!"  Kevin stayed in for about 15 minutes, maybe, but Zach was in for about 45 minutes.  It reminded me of my brother and I in the pool.  My lips would be turning blue and I would get out to warm up, but my brother would stay in for hours.  Anyway, maybe this has satisfied Zach's swimming needs, but more than likely I will hear him asking again soon.

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Graham said...

Ah, good times!