Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Being Prepared

As I sit with the news on all day I keep hearing the news say the importance of being prepared for an event, such as a fire. I am finding some things out about myself that I didn't necessarily think was true. The biggest thing I am learning is, as much as I would like to think of myself as organized, I really am not. I have piles of papers thrown together in my closet that are kind of related. I think I could find important papers if I had time to look for them. But now I know I have a new mission....to get my important papers more organized so that I could grab them and go if I ever had to. The news also says that we should have a record of all the things that we own so that if we needed to we could record them all in a list in order to get the insurance to cover the cost of losing anything. I think Garrett took pictures of things when we lived in Ventura. I guess it's time to update, seeing as he likes to have the newest of new electronics.
The fires are still burning and new ones seems to be popping up throughout the day. It's a little unnerving to sit here listening to the helicopters going over our house to drop water on fires just miles away. But as I said before, it is very unlikely that our house would be in danger. I just called a friend of mine telling her she is welcome to come over if she is feeling threatened at all. I guess there is nothing else to do....just sit and wait, maybe go orgnaize my papers!

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