Monday, October 29, 2007

The Pizza and Cake Diet

We've been so busy the past few days with parties that I have literally been eating pizza and cake at least once a day for the past four days.  I would not recommend this diet for anyone trying to lose weight!  Now, it works perfectly for anyone trying to gain weight though.  I just can't seem to resist the cake part.....even if I'm sick of it, if someone offers it to me I say, "Thanks!" and then eat it all up.  So no more parties for now, no more pizza, no more cake, just the big official Halloween night when the kids bring home all the candy for me to sneak into at night.  So much for smashing the fat!  On the plus side though, I have been running more (being in training and all) and so maybe that will equal out all the junk I have been consuming.  I'm sure that the cake and pizza diet is on every marathoner's list of what to eat!

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Mom said...

I just came from Costco and bought goodies to hand out on Halloween. I go through the same thing every year.... should I buy something healthy or just go ahead and get the bag of assorted chocolates? So this year I bought both, so that Dad and Grandma could pick out an assortment of chocolates they want to keep in their stash, and then I'll give the rest of the chocolates to Graham for their church harvest celebration. Then I'll give out healthier treats to the kids, and if there are left-overs, at least we won't have a bowl of chocolates sitting around for our consumption.(I could freeze them!) Eat an apple before you go trick or treating to help stave off the munchies?
Remember when you were allergic to chocolate and p-nuts and Dad loved going trick or treating with you so that he could get the chocolates?