Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Louder Than Words"

You may remember that I had a poll up on this blog about "How many of you know someone with Autism". I did this poll, not only because I was playing around with the options of what I could do with the blog, but because I have this fascination, interest, heart for Autism. As a speech therapist I have worked with quite a few kids that have autism. They are all different and affected in different ways and I find it so interesting to try and break into the worlds of these kids. There has been such an increase of kids being diagnosed. That's why I asked how many know someone, because I know for me growing up I didn't know one. Maybe because they weren't being mainstreamed into regular education classrooms then, but mostly because I know it wasn't as prevalent...and that wasn't very long ago.
So for my birthday I asked Garrett to get me the book, "Louder Than Words, A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism" by Jenny McCarthy. I was skeptical about the book because of the words "healing Autism". I know there are so many kids that are function in the "real world" because of the therapies they have had, but I haven't ever heard or seen one completely "healed". But it turned out I really like the book and read it quickly (I'm a slow reader). She talks about the things that worked for her son and was clear to mention that these things do not work for every child. She also talked about the hard work it was to get her son to the point he is at now.
It's such a mystery as to why things work for some and not other kids. I wish with all my heart that there was a way to "heal" all of these kids. I know that the parents go through so much to work with these kids and try and get them to function in our world. I cannot imagine doing that full time. My hours that I spend with the kids are sometimes exhausting, just to get a child to look at me. But that's also why it's rewarding because after hours and hours, when a child first starts using words or you see them coming out of "their world" it makes it all worth it. So don't be surprised if when I work my way up to running a marathon that I come to you asking to sponsor me in a run of some sort in raising money for Autism research!


Mom said...

I'd sponsor you in a heartbeat!
I think my greatest moment in school nursing was when a boy with autism, after 3 years of seeing me frequently, using the bathroom in my office,playing with my flashlight, and writing on all of my scrath pads, but never engaging in any normal type of communication, came up to me at my desk and just sat on my lap! I'll tell you, it just made my day!
It takes a very special person to connect with these kids,and I know that it's frustrating, but if anyone can do it, you can and you have and you will....

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

I am so glad that the book was so good. I really enjoyed reading Jennys story on her son in People magazine a few week's ago. I think it is wonderful that she wants to share her experience's with the world. Have you ever worked with a child with autism? I so admire you for the wonderful and rewarding work that you do with children. They are very blessed to have you helping them. As far as sponsoring you in the marathon for this wonderful cause...............count me in.

P.S. Love the shots of the boy's at their Halloween parties and of Disneyland.

Grami said...

I love your heart for kids in need, Tasha. You are such a giver and thinking of ways to help the other person. Let us know when you want to be sponsered!