Monday, October 8, 2007

Birthdays Galore!!!

October is a big month for birthdays here.  My brother and I both just happened to marry people with the same birthday.  So today, I am wishing a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister-in-law, Tina, and to my husband, Garrett.  Unfortunately I switched my schedule around this week to go on the field trip, so I have to work today.  But we are planning on having a nice birthday dinner for Garrett/Daddy tonight.

Happy Birthday Garrett. (From our trip to Disneyland sometime...I've lost count)

Happy Birthday Tina! (From our trip to Disneyland with
Tina and Lauren last June)

P.S. We went to Disneyland, surprise, surprise, yesterday with Jeff, Paula, and Mike. I will post pictures later, but I did have to tell you who we saw and Garrett got a picture with. For those of you (VICKI) who watched the show Big Brother this summer, we saw Evil Dick, the winner of the show.

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Tina Trettin said...

Hey, I feel famous! Thanks, for the birthday wishes.
Garrett's b-day card might be late but it's on it's way. Give him a birthday hug from me.
love, Tina