Thursday, October 4, 2007

Halloween Through The Years

Halloween is always a big deal around here. Kevin starts counting down to the next Halloween as soon as one is over. We have started putting up some decorations, not many but it's a start. So tonight, instead of walking on the treadmill, I find myself looking at old pictures on the computer. I thought I would share because these boys are just so cute! Enjoy the memories.... 

2001- Ventura
2002- Ventura
2003- Bakersfield
2004 - Bakersfield
2005- Santa Clarita
2006 - Santa Clarita
And now, I must walk....Goodnight.


Mom said...

What a nice stroll down memory lane! You just gotta love 'em! What are the boys planning to dress up as for Halloween this year?

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing. One doesn't realize how quickly time goes until I see Kevie and Zach and different ages. Doesn't seem possible that they were that small or that they have changed so much in such a short time................they were and are adorable!!!