Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bake Me A Cake

For this month's cub scout pack meeting they had a father/son cake bake. Kevin, who loves to bake, had this elaborate picture in his mind of what he wanted to make on the cake. I, knowing that sometimes his elaborate plans sometimes/usually turn into frustration of not being able to turn the pictures in his mind into reality, simply showed him some pictures of cakes on the Internet. Luckily he liked one that he saw that looked fairly simple and I knew that he and Garrett could do it together. Turns out, I should have let Kevin just go on with his elaborate dreams because some of the other cakes were very fancy. Anyway, the process was fun, I think, for both Kevin and Garrett. Kevin was proud of his cake......and it tasted really yummy!

Some of the other entries:
Eeewwww, a kitty litter cake!

The winner, were they professional cake makers or what?


Grami said...

Kevin and Daddy's cake is a WINNER in our house!! What a fun thing to do together. We enjoyed all the pictures!!

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

What a fun time. It looks like Kevin enjoyed the frosting too. Your blog is such a great way to keep all of us up to date on all that goes on in the Riley house but also a wonderful diary for years to come of all the super thing's that you all do. Love reading your blog and seeing what the latest thing's are that are going on. Love you all