Thursday, November 15, 2007

Always Someone To Compare To

I've been working my way through this whole running thing.  I am trying to get my legs to go faster and not have my heart burst out of my chest.  I do see improvement though. I was typically running on the treadmill at a comfortable speed of 4.0 to 4.5 miles an hours.  I was thinking at that rate it would take me about 6 hours to run a marathon and that is just toooooo long to run!  So I have now worked my way up to a comfortable 5.5 miles an hour and throwing in 6.0 sometimes too.  I was feeling good about this as I was at the gym the other day.  I got on the treadmill next to this big guy who looked as if he were jogging.  As I get started I look over to see how fast he's going and his monitor says 6.5.  "Oh well", I think, "he's a big guy".  Then this tall girl comes on the other side of me and she starts out at 8.5 and works her way up to 10 mph!  How can I compare to that, I would go flying off the treadmill.  So, I just need to remind myself that I can only do what my legs will let me and feel good about my own improvements.  
Meanwhile, I am having a hard time finding a good time to run.  Now it gets dark so early that it cuts into my outside time.  I have been encouraging Zach to ride his bike so that when he gets better at it I can have him ride and jog along side of him.  Two weeks ago he was barely getting the hang of peddling his two-wheel bike with training wheels.  He kept pushing back and slamming on the brakes after one pedal.  Now he's got it down but still likes to stop a lot along the way.  What can I expect from a 3-year-old?  I love that he likes being outside though because that is where I would rather be during the day.  Especially since it's up in the 80's again this week, maybe even hotter!

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