Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Cody!

My nephew is turning 16 today!  I can't believe that he's already that old!!  He's a really great kid, doing very well in school.  Again, I haven't got to see him grow up as much as I would have like because of living far away, but every time I see him he is the sweetest "little boy" around and always great with the boys.  Here's a picture from last Christmas when he and Garrett spent most of the time playing the Wii.  See what I mean about being great with "the boys"!  Anyway, hope this birthday is all you imagine it to be, Cody.  We love you!


Garrett Riley said...

Happy Birthday Cody, don't worry your mom and dad too much by driving too fast!

Tina (Cody's mom) said...

Thanks for your comment Garrett, I appreciate it! I can't believe he's 16 - time really does go by so fast. I could get all mushy about it but I'll spare you from all that.

Cody says thank you for the birthday wishes!

Grandma Dee said...

Just home from our trip to Costa Rica and was able to go to Tasha's blog. It is the best! What a way to keep up on everything. Wow! I cannot believe Cody is 16. That is just impossible. I have not seen him for awhile, just Lauren. I see her get older but not him. What a shock to see his picture. I remember when Garrett turned 16. I took him to get his driver's license and then gave him my car for the rest of the day. Oh, boy, a Volvo station wagon. He was the best driver right from the beginning. I wasn't worried at all with him driving alone on the first day. He continues to be the best driver. Must be just like his Dad. When I met his Dad, he had a Porsche. What I remember I liked about him was that he didn't scare the beejeebers out of me by driving insanely. Just like the Guttster. Well, a long way to it, but Happy Birthday, Cody!
-Grandma Dee