Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Susan!

We just got back from celebrating Aunt Susan's birthday in San Clemente.  We drove down yesterday, after I attended an all day conference on Cleft Palates.  Last night the boys got to play with Susan and Namie while Garrett and I went to watch Garrett's brother Mike play in his high school football game.  This is the only game I have got to go to this year because it's too hard for the boys to sit through a game.  It was fun!  Then afterwards we got to go out to pizza with the team and Garrett's family.  This morning we went out to brunch with Susan, Dennis, and Namie, where I've never seen Kevin eat so much in my life.  Nothing like starting the day off with a waffle with ice cream, syrup, and whipped cream on top!
So Happy, happy birthday to you Susan!  Thanks for watching the boys last night. Kevin and Zach just asked me, "Are we gonna go sailing today?  Uncle Dennis said we were!"


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Oh my gosh what a wonderful birthday I had starting off with Namie and I being with Kevie and Zach on Sat. night. We had the BEST add on stories. I think we had at least 6 add on stories. I must admit that Kevie and Zachie had the best stories and Zachie always ended up the stories and it was so cute because at the end of each add on story he put his head down and said "the end." So cute. Kevin added some wonderful drawing's to Namies pumpkin however we didn't have the right tool's to carve year we will have them on hand. My birthday was a huge plus having Garrett, Tasha, Kevin and Zach with us. We all enjoyed a great brunch at El Torito. I think all enjoyed some great tastes particularly Kevie and Zach starting off with their waffles with butter, ice cream, whip cream and syrup....................oh, to be six and three again. All in all a great, yikes 58th birthday. Love you guy's.

Sandy said...

It sounded like you all had a wonderful time at Susan's birthday. How wonderful and perfect for her to especially be with Kevin and Zach. I can just picture the boys with their waffles.
Love Aunt Sandy and Joe