Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Did We Do Before Television?

I don't usually let the boys watch a ton of T.V.  I know all the studies and how it's not really great for anybody.  BUT, today I was thankful to have the T.V.  As Garrett was recovering from his pulled wisdom teeth, I was trying to keep Zach quietly entertained, but still be in the house so I could hear if Garrett was calling me.  So, he watched Peter Pan.  It's amazing how kids can be bouncing off the walls and then the T.V. comes on and all of a sudden they are frozen in time, sitting still, not even blinking.  They can block out all other sounds and distractions and just focus on what is on the T.V.  I used it again this evening when I had to go out and get some things for Garrett.  I took Zach with me but allowed Kevin to stay downstairs  just watching T.V. while daddy rested upstairs...... the T.V. turned into a part-time babysitter I hate to say it.  We do what we have to do in order to get things done, but just what did people do before television?

This one was take a while ago, but see how they just look past the lady standing in front of them to see that wonderful thing called the T.V.


Jen said...

I hate to say it, but I LOVE the TV and the DVD player. Sometimes it is just THE ONLY way to get stuff done!
Plus, I am a bit of a TVaholic too! You should see all the stuff I need to watch on my DVR!

Mom said...

I don't really know what we did without TV, but if you remember, we didn't have any TV the almost 5 yrs we lived in Ventura. Friends kept trying to give us a TV, but we graciously refused their offers. I can't really remember when we got one, either. I think we had a computer before we even thought about getting a TV. So we played with play dough, tinkertoys, leggos,etc. We went on lots of walks, and had a fairly quiet life. One of the best parts of all of those years for me was being able to be home with you kids, and making alot of my christmas gifts for friends.Ahhhh, those were the times!!!

maile said...

i don't know what i'd do without it either. Although your mom's stories about not having any sound so nice. I do notice that when i don't watch it for a while, i wonder what it was that i thought i couldn't live without. Still, i don't think i'll be getting rid of it any time soon.
love your blog!! we need to make rochelle and vicki and jen start one too! :0)

Kiddo said...

yes, TV is a great tool!
Now what do you think we would do without a computer? I can't wait to see what is the next big thing we won't be able to picture our life without!

Thank you for commenting on Theo's blog!


Grami said...

Did I tell you that we got rid of TV when Mike was around 2? He grew up deprived because he didn't know who the Sesame characters were! :) I think we got it back when he was around 7 or 8 and than it was usually on only after he was in bed. He would wake up wanting to read, instead of running to turn the TV on and that was my goal. He is still a great reader, but in his teenage years the lure of computer games, videos and TV is HUGE and I'm sad that he doesn't read alot like he used to. Sometimes, just have to put in that movie for them when they are little....I remember!.