Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Tired

Most days go by with me doing a few things.  We don't typically sit around the house all day, but I also try not to keep the day jam packed with activities.  Today though, it seemed like we packed it all in, even though it was technically a holiday.  Kevin had the day off of school, but Zach didn't.  I could have easily kept Zach home too, but I figured the boys had enough of each other over the weekend so I would give them, and me a little break.  I promised Kevin that we could work on my new Disneyland scrapbook that I got for my birthday.  He has been asking me constantly when we could, so I figured with Zach at school it would be a good time.  Then, on top of that, Kevin has been wanting to create his own ride like at Disneyland.  I've been putting it off because that's a creative side of him that I just don't have.  But today I  decided to let him at it.  He did what he could with a little help from me.  He really wanted to do more, but I was at my limit.  Now, let's add to that the fact that Garrett's wisdom teeth procedure is not healing quite as quickly as hoped.  He went into the doctor's office this morning, and while they don't think it's a dry socket, they gave him some stuff to help with the continuing pain.  Continuing pain means me trying to still keep the boys semi-quiet and out of his hair.  Plus, Dodger started drooling like mad the past few nights, so in between building a ride and doing the scrapbook Kevin and I took Dodger to the vet; something we haven't done since moving here.  Turns out the doc didn't know why she'd be drooling so much, but she did have an ear infection.  So, $140 later we got to bring her back home, still not knowing about the drooling but not willing to pay more for blood tests.  I think she's feeling sympathy pains for Garrett.
Ok, what else did we do today that made me so tired......of course instead of sleeping I am typing this, but oh well.  To once again keep the boys out of Gar's hair I took them outside to wash the car.  I always start out thinking this is a good activity for them but it always turns out to be a recipe for a couple of wet boys.  Today actually wasn't too bad and they did help with the cars a little.

So, throw in a few more activities throughout the day, plus dinner, and bath, and teeth, and stories,  the boys are asleep....and now I think it's time for some ice cream. :)  

The Transformers Ride, new at the Riley house!

After "helping" wash the car.
See the nice "clean" rag Kevin uses to help wash.

My favorite ever picture of Kevin helping wash the car in 2003!


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Yikes and I thought I was busy!! Love Kevins Disney ride............he is amazing with his creativity. I could never keep up with his talent's like you do. The pics of Kevin and Zach helping with the washing of the car are so cute. Oh that picture of Zach and those huge eyes is adorable. So sorry Garrett is having a tough time with his healing from having his wisdom teeth out...............not fun that is for sure. And I think I should have been a vet.!! I can't believe the prices they charge. Perhaps Dodger is sympathizing with Garrett. Hope the drooling stops and she is o.k., Garrett too.
Thought Mom and I would come up for the day the week after Thanksgiving. Perhaps a Thursday so you can have a "rest" day or Christmas shopping. Let me know. It sounds like a fun time you had a snow day but I agree about Christmas thing's being up so early. I drove down the main street here in town and all the posts are wrapped for Christmas. Way to early plus it is 80 degrees here today so doesn't quite feel like Christmas is in the air.

Grami said...

I love how you encourage the creativity in Kevin! Even though Garrett really was never into art much, he REALLY liked to create rides for amusement parks on paper.Funny! Those are the cutest pictures of the boys wahing cars!!!!