Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Nutcracker

Last year, in Kindergarten, Kevin's teacher told them all about The Nutcracker and they even watched some of it in class.  Kevin loved learning about it and was very excited when he got his own nutcracker for Christmas.  I wanted to take him to see it last year but never got around to it.  So, this year I bought the tickets for just he and I..... it's a date!  I also bought Kevin and Zach their own wooden nutcrackers to paint.  The boys had fun painting them a few nights ago.  Kevin brought his to school today to show his teachers.  I can't wait to see what he thinks of the play!

Kevin's finished product.  He said, "I bet no one will believe that I painted this because I did such a good job."
Zach's finished product.  I bet no one will believe he painted it either!
* As a side note, if you have noticed that Kevin is shirtless in a lot of the pictures it really not because he doesn't have any's just that he prefers not to wear them.  Typically by the end of the evening he is running around at least shirtless.


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Oh my gosh the nutcrackers are wonderful that the boys painted. They are so lucky to have you and Garrett that open up so many wonderful new experiences for them to explore. What a wonderful life that they and we are blessed to have in this country. Love you all

Sandy said...

My first graders loved the Nutcracker. This will be such an incredible experience for you and Kevin and something he will remember forever.
I loved the nutcrackers the boys painted. What a great idea.
Love, Sandy

Grami said...

I LOVE the painted nutcrackers! The boys did a great job and you were so wonderful to set it all up for them. I want Gramci to see this post, because she gave Kevin his first one and was so thrilled by how much he loved it. Is the play in Santa Clarita? It will be interesting to see what he thinks.