Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Bowl Full of Cherries

Yesterday I kept Zach home from preschool because of his incident in the middle of the night.  Kevin then wanted to be sick too so he could stay home but I took him to school anyway.  Zach, at home, was anything but sick.  He played all day long without stopping and wanted me to be his playmate all day long.  I felt like I shouldn't take him on errands because I kept him home from school, so we just stayed around the house.  I was trying to get things done in between playing with him.  It's interesting because a while back my grandma was comenting about how she never played with her kids.  In her day the kids played on their own, or more than likely they were busy helping do work around the house.  Now, both of my boys have me as their number one playmate.  It does help that Kevin and Zach can now play with eachother, but even so they often would rather have me come join them.

I often complain to Garrett about how the house is always a mess and I just can't seem to keep it clean.  I know that I would rather spend my time doing things other than cleaning the house, and so I usually do.  It's more fun to take the boys to the park or play a game.  But then, how is my house going to get clean?  I know some people stay up late, after putting the kids to bed to clean up the house.  I'm done at the end of the day and I don't stay up late, especially to clean.  So I guess I just need to figure out a way to balance the work and the play.  I did get out the chore chart this morning and am hoping the we will actually stick to it this time.  Maybe I need to add Garrett's and my name to the chart and reward myself for getting my chores done!
Anyway, here's what Zach spent his "sick" day doing......

Picking  our cherry tomatoes that I didn't even know were ripe.  
I don't spend a lot of time in the back yard but since we 
were staying home yesterday we did some clean up back there.

Our "bowl full of cherries"......Cherry tomatoes that is!
Playing in the sandbox.

Cleaning up the pool toys to put away for the winter.
Everyone needs a sick day once in awhile, right?


Susan Niño said...

Hi--you left a comment on my blog..by way of Maile. I wondered if I could email you with a few speech therapy questions about my son? Thank you! My email is smnku721@satx.rr.com

Melissa said...

We just got housecleaners for the first time back in January! THE BEST $100 I have ever spent! It is so worth not having to get down on your knees to clean the toilet. The cleaners made our house shine like I never knew that it could shine!

Grami said...

The house can wait, but children need love now and I think you have the right priorities, Tasha. Just do the best you can and know that time with the KIDS is time well spent! It looks like Zach had the perfect day...unstructured, peaceful and Mommy all to himself! :) Every 3 year old needs a day like that!