Sunday, November 11, 2007

Snow Day

Yesterday the Valencia Town Center (our mall) had a snow day.  The had made some snow and put it around in several areas outside of the mall.  They had a sledding area and all kinds of crafts for the kids.  The boys had fun for awhile.  Then Zach got "stirsty" (his way of saying thirsty).  Once this happens there is nothing else that can distract him from being "so stirsty".  We found a drinking fountain and that helped for a little bit, at least long enough to see THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF SANTA.  Can you believe that Santa now comes so early?  I'm sure that it's this way everywhere now, but I just think it's a little silly.  We barely get past Halloween and everything is already Christmas! Anyway, this was as much "snow" that we can probably expect here in Southern California around Christmas time. (although, now that I write this I'm remembering that we did actually get some real snow here last year....but it doesn't happen often.)

I remember the first time I came down to visit Garrett during the Christmas holidays while we were still dating.  I was amazed to see people still walking around in shorts and even going to the beach.  Not that I grew up where it snowed, but at least around Christmas it was cold and we would sit around a fire.  Lots of times we would travel to my grandparents house in Oregon and we did get quite a few white Christmases.  

Luckily/thankfully, we now have a place to go to get our fill of the snow when we want it.  A few years ago the Rileys bought a place in Mammoth so several time throughout the year we go and play in the snow, ski, and enjoy the real winter feelings.  This year I really want Kevin to get out on skis but I think I have scared him by telling him I was scared going down the mountain.  Hopefully he will look past that this year.  I really like it when we get to take walks while it's snowing and everything is so quiet and peaceful.  Opening day for the ski season there was on November 7th.  I'm not sure when we will get up there, but I am looking forward to a real snow day!
Mammoth, February 2007
2003: Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!


Mom said...

Tasha, you know that Kevin will never forget that you said that you were scared! But the fact that you got over it might impress him sometime in the near future.

I remember on one of our drives up to Oregon on I 5, I was driving and Graham was sitting in the front passenger seat. It started snowing pretty heavily when we were high in the mountains, and Graham said,"what's that?" meaning what was that white stuff on the windshield? He had seen lots of snow, but had never actually seen it snowing!

I really like the thought of snow, but the reality of driving in it and shoveling the car out, all brings back memories of living on the East Coast and I'd take California any day!

Here's wishing you many more snow days this winter!!!!

Jen said...

No skiing for me this season! :o(
Kevin would LOVE skiing. We started Conor when he was four and Gavin took his first lesson when he was three in Whistler this past March. We always put them in the all day lessons, but they LOVE it! If you want, I can send a couple of pics of the boys, so Kevin can see little kids can do it! Let me know!

Tasha Riley said...

Jen, Yes definitely send some pics! I know how it feels for you to have to sit out this year. Our first year we had the Mammoth place I was pregnant with Zach!