Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Kevin loves puzzles.  He is pretty good at them too.  When we went to Lake Winnepasaki this summer we worked on a 500 piece puzzle and he did most of it.  Now, since he's done all of our puzzles in our house, he has created his own new puzzles.  He does one upside down and then draws a picture on the back, then he has a brand new one to work on.  Very creative, and it's like recycling!  Here are some of his latest creations.
Peter Pan
Meet the Robinson's/Transformers
Tomorrow I will be busy being nurse to Garrett who gets two wisdom teeth pulled in the morning.  Wish us luck!


Sandy said...

Kevin is amazing with his puzzles. Having taught first grade for many years, I can honestly say I have never seen a child with such concentration and ability.
Good luck to Garrett today.

Mom said...

We have a hard time keeping Grandma in puzzles. Maybe we could get Kevin to draw pictures on the back of her puzzles too, so she'd have a brand new puzzle to do! Great way to reuse!

Good luck to Garrett and good luck to you, his nurse. Just take time to read all of the instructions from the dentist and do everything possible to avoid dry sockets.