Saturday, November 24, 2007

Step Into The Matrix

The boys have a new game they like to play.  One is Agent Smith and the other is Neo from the Matrix.  No, they have not seen the whole movie, but Garrett showed them the parts that he thought they would like.....and they did.  They like to pretend to fight in slow motion and then speed up to real time.  Yesterday we went to the park and Garrett and Kevin played the Matrix there.  After Kevin wore his Daddy out then he moved on to Zach.  Too bad it was a bone chilling 65 degrees at the park so we couldn't stay long!  It took us until 2:00 to finally get out the door yesterday.  We could easily get used to hanging out all day with no school or work!
On another note, I got to go out to my late night scrapbooking last night.  I met a friend and we stayed from 5 pm to about 11:30.  That's late for me.  I was able to do about 6 pages, but it's been so long since I've printed pictures out that I didn't have a good selection of pictures to choose from.  It's always nice to get out though.  Garrett said he and the boys had a fun boys night too, filled with In-n-Out and dancing!  
Today is another day where we are still in our p.j.s.  I think I will head out for a run though soon.  Maybe go for another long one......gotta start doing more long runs to work my way up.

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