Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Imagination At Work

The boys are out of school all week.  We are staying in town all week, with the exception of Thanksgiving day when we are going to Garrett's mom's house.  Yesterday our plan was to do some errands and go to the park.  The boys had a different idea, and since they were playing so nicely together I decided to forget about our plans and just stay around the house.  I also decided to finally get the shower drain fixed that has been not draining for weeks, maybe even months, even after my continual attempts to fix it with Draino.  I have even stopped taking showers in it because it's so disgusting.  I've just moved my things into the boys bathroom.  So, I figured it was about time.  The plumber came out and fixed  it quick and charged us nicely for it!  And, by the way, the plumber said that it wasn't all clogged with my hair as Garrett likes to blame me for!  If only my fix-it mom had been here to fix it like when we were in Bakersfield.  Oh well, at least I can move back into our bathroom.....well, after I clean it because it still is grossing me out. 

The clothes castle.  The boys took apart Zach's bed and threw his dirty clothes all over the mattress to make their wonderful castle.  They were gently reminded that they would need to clean it all up when they were done!
A kids work is play!
King of the castle, complete with homemade crown, sword, and shield.
Today we had a nice long time at the park, since we didn't go yesterday.  Afterwards we went out for frozen yogurt to ruin our dinner.  It's fun to do sometimes!  I think I even got a little sun on my face because it was so nice out.  (I can hear my mom now reminding me that I still need sunscreen even if it's not summer.)  We also had a meeting for the MOMS club at our house.  The boys love when people come over to play.  All the kids played nicely in the play area while the moms talked about plans for January.  Good thing we didn't take the play area apart yet!
Tomorrow is a work day.  I'm only working one day this week.  I tried to get my Friday clients to come in tomorrow, but I think most of them wanted a day off too. Garrett will have the joy of playing with the kids all morning while I'm at work. Sometimes it's nice to get to go play with other people's kids for the morning!

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maile said...

how cute! i'm usually the one reminding THEM that they will need to clean it all up after! :)