Friday, November 16, 2007

Help Save Lives

I received an e-mail from our MOMS club that was passed on from the San Pedro MOMS club.  A little girl from that club has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and they are encouraging everyone that can to participate in a bone marrow registry drive.  They are having one in Torrance on Dec. 14 and another in San Pedro in January.  I just checked online and you can find out when there will be one in your area if you are at all interested.  I found out they are having one in Santa Clarita in February and if I can't make it to the others mentioned I am definitely going in February.  It's an easy cheek swab and costs $25 to then be on the registry.  Even if I can't help this little girl, it opens the possibility of helping someone else in the future.  I didn't even know a registry like this existed!

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Grami said...

Tasha, I love your heart. You are always thinking of how you can help someone else. You truly have the gift of compassion!