Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google Earth

I have a new toy I have been using to see how far my runs are.  My friend told me about using Google Earth to measure how far the runs are.  You can enter any starting point in the world and it will show you a satellite picture of that area.  From there you can create your own route and it will tell you how far you have gone.  Even if you don't use it for running, it gives you a great view of your area and you could find all kinds of paths to walk or bike on.  I'm having fun seeing the different ways I can go to make it more interesting.  That same friend also told me about a site called map my run, where you can go and find what other people have done.  I looked today and found 45 different runs that I could try around Santa Clarita, ranging from .22 miles to 18 miles.  Go check it out, it's good for finding hikes or bike rides too.
On another note, I finally tried Garrett's IPod mini today when I went out running.  A few months back he offered to buy me one to use while I work out.  I turned it down because 1.) I typically do like the time to think, 2.) I also like to watch T.V. on the treadmill, and 3.) When I go to the gym I do a class, so I figured I really didn't need one.  Well, the treadmill has been getting boring so I've been trying to go out more.  Now that I am running further than before I am running out of things to think about too.  So, I used Garrett's today and I have to admit that I actually liked having the music playing.  I found that I could still think (imagine that) and I didn't have to listen to my feet pounding the pavement and my breathing becoming ever so much heavier along the way!  Maybe Santa will be bringing me my own this year. ;)


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

I have been really back into my marina walks. In fact since I completely over did it at Thanksgiving with all the great food and desserts I have picked up my power walks this weeks to an hour and 15 mintues. Triple would probably be much better but one thing at a time. Reason I bring this up, Tasha is that if I didn't have my I-Pod it would be so much harder for me to do the power walk for any extended period of time. I love checking out of reality for my walks and listening to great music. It is so great for the mind and a good stress reliever. Soooooooo I am glad that you are enjoying the I-pod and I bet Santa will grant your wish with an I-pod................perhaps on E Bay....... :). Love you all and see you on Sunday

Grami said...

Thanks for the tips on those web sites...I want to try them! I never use an ipod when I exercise either....I need to be more techie and try one! You are doing great, Tasha!!

Steph said...

This is Stephanie, Maile's blog stalker. Since you like running try It is what I use and it is also very cool.